lundi 20 septembre 2010


Honoring our Queen of Queens Anne...a bit late but I really wanted to do this because Anne is one of the first stampers to welcome me to SCS. It is quite intimidating to me to show my cards in the beginning. She was so very kind and encouraged me to make the challenges for more visibility and you get to meet new stamperfriends. She even was responsible for my now 2 plus year friendship with my dear Deena (moonrise), so for her listening ear and caring heart, for all that she is to alot of us. Here's to you sweet lady!!! Enjoy the honor, sooooooooooo well deserved!

Used this funny and elegant card of hers. Also got to use Celisa's images. thank you so much sweetie. Love them! I did the tlc today, it was all about TAGS.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day!

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  1. Here's to Anne!! Great card for her too!! Can't wait to get together soon, Peggy!!

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  3. Very cute, fun card, Peggy! Anne will love it for sure. That moonrise is really a sweet girl, I agree. I left something on my blog for you. Check it out! It's found in my card: 'Roses From
    my Love.


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