vendredi 25 février 2011


Good evening everybody! I just had to show you the card I made for Corryn's birthday. She will be turning 27 at the end of the month. I know she will just love this little image from Mo's digital.

Along with it there are few challenges:

I did not want to end without saying Congratulations to our newest Queen for the Day KAREN (redbugdriver) on SCS. She has one fine gallery and I used her little Beach girl card as inspiration for my sketch.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it's always so good to read you. :)Peggyxo

mercredi 23 février 2011


Here is my card for this week's WSC Gettin sketchy on the MFT forum.I used this oh so fancy polkadot dp from Jake Heath Designs. Ladybird is the first one I saw, but there are alot of different colors. Thank you for looking and enjoy the evening.

mardi 22 février 2011


Hello everyone here is a card I made with this week's Midnight madness sketch challenge.

Also my card fits the Mothermark Teapot Party. And today it's all about actors and actresses in Hollywood, and who better than Marilyn to personify glamour, sexiness, charm and wit!

I will not be sending this card to Lauren as I need it for my hairdresser. The image is from the web.

All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Lauren.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day ladies!

lundi 21 février 2011


Hello everyone, I finally got my Bargello right! Here it is. It was quite an experience to do, but I'm glad I tried. If you want to try it. Here is the link to it. Bargello technique on SCS Thank you Joan, for the challenge.


I am so happy to share this fun Stylish blogger award recieved from Lovely Linda's Craft central over the week-end. Thank you so much for thinking of me sweet Linda. I love when you can stop by my blog and I can in return visit you and your awesome original work.

1. I am actually going to be 50 in august, (not 29, like alot of people mistake me for. ) LOL
2. I am the youngest of 6 siblings. 3 girls, 3 boys.
3. There are actually 6 granddaughters and 6 grandsons in our family.
4. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was young.
5. I love Mc Biskits. (but can't have them anymore)
6. My father was in World war II
7. My grandfather (paternal) was in World war I
8. I love my grandmother's (paternal) name Saidee MacPhee.

Now, in turn, I am offering this award to other Stylish bloggers I enjoy visiting.

vendredi 18 février 2011


Hello everyone! I have to say a CONGRATS to our newly named Queen BECKY (bigfootbecky). I love how she named herself here on SCS, original and sweet. I also enjoy seeing her in the gallery with her beautiful cards of course, and her kind and sincere encouragement to others. She lights up my day whenever I see that big shoe.

You can join me here at the Queen for the day thread.

Here is theThanks Chef card I used as inspiration.

My card also fits F4A challenge as mine is for a little birthday boy.

Have fun Becky, enjoy your reign!

Thank you for looking and enjoy the day!

lundi 14 février 2011


Hello everyone! Yes, the snowing is keep on keepin' on! Day off for! Happy Valentine everybody! I had to give this technique a try, from Joan's TLC this week. Of course, I used Karen's tutorial from her blog. I love this little doll stamp Shellapoo (Michelle) sent me a while back and thought of her because she is a doll.

Thank you for looking and enjoy the day!


Here I am on monday morning very early...why do you ask? Well, I want to catch this Brag Monday from (The Graphics Fairy blog) challenge if it'S the last thing I do!!! LOL Well, this is my third try and from I just saw I would be the first one...let's go. I will come back with more chat later.

Here is my bookmarks I found on Karen's blog, owner of The Graphics Fairy blog and thought of making bookmarks as gifts. EDITED AND ADDED BACKSIDE Don't have the other side of them, as my battery died while I took the last picture. Imagine that, the odds are against me, but I will never surrender. So wish me luck ladies. Hope Karen will love this!!!

Did it!!! Now, I did chalk in some color, but it is very pale, added a few gems, and a tassle on one of them. I embossed 3 times, and cracked them. I will show the backs of them when my battery is fully recharged, which shouldn't be so long. I can breathe now, I made it to the BRAG MONDAY PARTY!!! YAY!

Have a beautiful ladies, we have a whole lot of snow. I know I am quite content. I love it. There is about 12 inches of it now!!!

samedi 12 février 2011


Happy Saturday! Here are a few cards fro my "guy" stash, it never gets very big sadly. But I have our Queen Bev to thank this week for this sweet card called Remember Riley?. Yeah, I do remember him, and thought he would look good in plaid from this plaid blanket on the Santa Barbara chic blog . This is the Inspiration Challenge Stephanie suggested we use. Love the place. Will have to come back for seconds of course.

Have a beautiful day everyone! It's snowing, I have done my good deeds( vaccum and wash the floors) so I can craft my little heart away with all my cyberfriends. YAY!!!!

vendredi 11 février 2011


Congratulations BEV, you are THE QUEEN FOR THE DAY What a happy day it is. I love your work and have several on my list for this week. But I will start with this ahem, Party chick My card is also for the free 4 all challenge Dawn is hosting and the colors are how suitable for Queen Bev too! Have fun Queen Bev. Make them all bow down to you now. Relax and enjoy the was all YOU inspired!

Took out the Washi paper also. For those of you who asked what is Washi paper, well here is a link to the store I bought it from, but I know you can get in any good paper store, it's called Au Papier Japonais in Montreal. I did a class there once, and it was very interesting. A completely different style of cardmaking I use today. I wish I could do another someday.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day! Love to see you stop by!

jeudi 10 février 2011


Here is a card for the Crafty creations challenge. This week is all about "3 worded sentiments". I have a little friend named Patti (Dutchess Nut for some) who was feeling a little under the weather, so thought this little Magnolia bearing spring tulips would make her smile. This also fits the Twisted sistah challenge for this week, Patti actually hosted it.


Hello everyone, here is my card for the WSC Getting sketchy this week. I used this cutie Long legged latte girl, and just love it. You can join in the fun, the ladies are so nice and encouraging...and there are prizes to be won! He, he, he!

mardi 8 février 2011


Here is my card for the Color challenge this week hosted by our talented specialist in Striped Grosgrain ribbon. Thank you Karen, you are doing a fine job, you are sooo funny! My second challenge is with the Brag Monday from the Graphics Fairy blog. I used this pretty Valentindes day clip art from January of this year. My sketch is inspired by the one and only
Midnight madness sketch blog, hosted by Priscilla and all her wonderful designers.
Also I entered it the Fanc lub theme this month which is LOVE IS IN THE AIR hosted by our kind and sweet Lydia! And last, but not least, I entered this week's Crafty Creations challenge which was all about RED ROSES. Used some washi paper I gotas a gift from le papier japonais on my last birthday!

Here is my card for the Mothermark's teapot party . This week we are helping Orland and Wilfred Kite take flying lessons, and who better than our very own Canadian Geese to help them out. One interesting fact about the CG, is that you can find them all over North America, even been found in parts of Europe and New Zealand. They are adapted to live in marsh and wetlands but they do well in City parks...well you can watch the video for more!!! LOL

My card is going out to Sean, a young man going through chemo. Any little act of kindness helps, so I thought this card would brighten up his day and let him know that we are thinking of him.
My sketch is inspired by the one and only Midnight madness sketch blog, hosted by Priscilla and all her wonderful designers.

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY EVERYONE. I do love it when you stop by. :)Peggy

lundi 7 février 2011



Hello everyone! I got this little baby ditgital from the web and thought how it would look good popped-up. I love the technique Holly has for us this week. Here is the tutorial by Kim

Thank you for looking and enjoy the day


Hello, did a little card for our this card Featured Stamper this week. Lori from Lori Designs. Love your work and images. Well, I chose a very simple, yet cutie for my card. Yours is called Broked with a Mo Manning image, so I thought I would use one too.

Changes: I did an "out of the box with the bottome of her dress, used, gold currency for framing, little punched hearts, and my sentiment is happy valentine's day. Popped the panel and added some so pretty yellow vellum and rounded the corners with a punch.

My, with all these punches, you'd think I was a Punchkateer...wonder if Pam will let me in that "sorrority". LOL

Have a beautiful day and thanks for looking at my little Sophie and friend.


Hello, I just had breakfast and had to share this sunflower seed & apricot muesli*(left the info at the end of this post) if you want to be energized and rearing to go for the day. I think it's perfect for people who have trouble having breakfast in the morning. It's a very small portion but oh, my tasty, sweet and yes, GOOD for you!

The recipe is simple enough;

1/4 cup of oatmeal
1 tlbsp. of Corinth raisin or Smyrne
1 tblsp. sunflower seed
1 tblsp. finely grounded almonds
1 tblsp. dried apricots diced really small
2 tblsp. of orange or apple juice
2 small little apples, peeled and grated
3 tblsp. of skim milk or soya milk ( I used rice milk)

1-Place first 6 ingredients in bowl.
2- Add apples and mix. Pour milk, divided in twoservings and eat.

Cal: 340
Proteins: 10g.
Carbs: 39g
Fat: 12g

Easy GI diet-Use the glycaemic index to lose weight and gain energy by Helen Foster. Don't mean to advertise, but this way you know where to find it. Guess you can get it on Amazon too.

Enjoy your day. Remember, you can have 2 to 3 treats a day, plus very healthy and tasty meals. Take time to prepare something good for yourself and your loved ones daily. You'll be glad you did.

samedi 5 février 2011


Here is a card I made for the IC today. Anne is hosting and I love the website we are using. I played the "in between" game again while making my card, I did laundry, soup, out shopping and well, that was it seriously. LOL

These cute cupcake sachets were also my inspiration.

And my card was made with this card sketch at 365 Cards blog. This was my first time doing this cool challenge.

Thank you for looking and enjoy the day!

vendredi 4 février 2011


Good evening everyone, I have finally got a chance to upload my second card to honour our Queen Susan.

Here is the card I used as inspiration.

I love the cut circle and used the MS heart punch and metal art brad as embellies around the circle and put them at the border. Added a pink ribbon.

This is also for the
F4A. Used gold as neutral, pink as my color and white for cardstock.

*I used Judi's nickname she gives to her doggies.


Congratulations Susan! I am so thrilled you were named Queen for the Day this week. Anne sure knows how to pick them. I did pretty good except for Queen Pam, but that is another story.LOL

I think inspiration comes form the darndest places. I browsed through your gallery and saw bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, even a Westfalia, and my dear MAXIE. But I never saw a bathroom. I think maybe you forgot this area for obvious reasons. Ah but one can use this place to unwind, replenish ones tired body from the "wrecks" of the days. So I used this image on "The Graphics Fairy"'s blog and thought this would be the kind of card you would make if you did bathrooms, Susan. I have tried to be inspired as you would. (Sorry if I didn't get

I then got caught in a little writing, you can read below. So I guess you were with me last night Susan because I know you put your thoughts into writing too. Hope you enjoy your reign, I know this won't go to your head like someone I know. LOL

By the way, this is my first challenge from the Graphics Fairy"s blog (her badge is on the side of my blog). She calls this one Brag Monday. Quite interesting! Thank you Karen for making these available and safe for our use and yes, they are free!

Thank you for looking and enjoy the day ladies, and you, especially sweet Queen Susan! Don't you like the sound of that now! xo

It’s Friday night.
Stepping slowly into the tub filled
with hot water bubbles overflowing, fully knowing
I added just a handful of bubbles to many
as I see the grin on my face in the mirror.
Sweet child’s play… I’ll wipe the tiles later.
I let my hair down, carefree to the worries of the day.
Frizzies, dampnest and tangles are not an issue.
Though I hear the “house moving”,
Dear husband helping kids do homework.
Phone ringing for the oldest who is now dating.
Then a soft knock on the door.
A little voice asking if I am going
To be taking longer.
A sigh of relief when the voices leaves and settles for the second bathroom.
Two bathrooms a luxury…I think not!
How I enjoy to drift away, savouring the water’s tranquil waves,
Dreaming while awake.
This time is precious. I need it.
I appreciate the gift of it by my spouse and family.
For it is a time where nothing else matters.
But the moment...

jeudi 3 février 2011


Here is a card I made for the Card patterns sketch challenge for this week. Used the delivery truck image found on the web. I was out all day and made it early this morning. I really love theses sketches. How they inspire me. Thank you for stopping by, it's always good to see you.


Hello! You know I started this card last night now...but I did add the silver heart in the corner, so technically I can enter the WT today also...Thank you Kim, this one was so easy for me.

What...did I hear anyone say"Cheetah" all the way from California, North Carolina or way! I am only a PEA brain remember.

Have a nice day everyone and beware of PEA brains, they are smarter than you think!


mercredi 2 février 2011


Here I am outside, braving high winds and snow to recuperate the crown for our next Queen. Don't worry Anne, I will get there in time, I have my SUPER GIRDLE and my boots have SUPER SONIC power (whaterver that is), and I can fly too.
A view of the park in my little neck of the woods.
It's nice out today, even with the winds and snowfall. It's good to be alive!
I wish there was a birdie or something in there, but no, it's just one of our majestic pine trees. Man is it ever tall. Hope you had fun visiting my "block". Have a nice day. I will be checking if I can build a snowman, if so...guess which picture I will be posting next! :)Peggy


Hello everyone, this is my card for the My favorite things - MFTWSC5. I had some time working on this card. How it changed from one style to another in not minutes, but too many hours. Still, I love this image.

You can play too and get a chance to win prizes weekly!

Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day!


Hello again! Here is my card for this week's sketch challenge and Roxie introduced Jenna Barber's card. Quite an inspiring sketch too. Well done Jenna, I love your work!

With all the snow that has been falling here, I thought of my little friend Mark. As some of you know my little Florida friend is going through exhausting chemo treatments, and will be going on until the end of this year and maybe more. So I thought he would enjoy a little love from this little skiing boy. There is no place to ski in Florida but this could make him smile at the thought.

I was out walking with Pierre earlier and we took pics of it, it's on my blog

Have a beautiful day everyone.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day!

mardi 1 février 2011


Hello everyone, this is my card for Mothermark 's teapot party this week. We are helping Cherry beat the other one in a contest. I chose this bowl of Bing Cherries (I know they are not the usual round ones), but these were made by Bing Crosby himself. I have no link to this info as it came from my PEA brain, as some love to refer to. Oh, the P.E.A. stands for Pretty Extraordinary brain that is! LOL

Used last week's mojo monday sketch. I know it's closed, but I had to do it anyway.

And one more time for Love is in the air Fan club theme for this month! YAY

Have a cool one ladies. I will send a card from Stash to Shari, as I made this one for my BF's mom and she needs it very quickly.

Love to all and thank you for looking!


This is my card for the Color Challenge hosted by Julia (arstystamper). Love the dessert option too because I used my old SU script background in weathered wood ink by Tim Holtz.

My card also fits this week's Midnight madness sketch challenge, which made me go vintagy and lead to the Flourishes timeless tuesday challenge this week. It was all about Valentine's day.

Well, with that...I had to enter it in the Love is in the air Fan club theme for this month.

I just love how this card ended with a little reminder of how I love that Pierre guy I keep talking about...This love is ours! Awwwwwww, I know, but I still had to share!

We don't share any resemblance with the image, she has long straight hair, Pierre has, but what we do share is a love that has lasted almost 13 years now. Not so long for some, we have not beating any records of longevity by any mean, but we are proud to have trusted in ourselves and each other, enough for this "chance at love".

Have a beautiful day everybody and remember to say I LOVE YOU to your loved ones, everyday, it always makes my day. I love you allxo.