samedi 31 juillet 2010


Hello everyone,

I am a bit late in posting these have been just a bit under the weather. Feeling better now and wanted to share my winnings from the Totally Stampalicious blog hop from a few weeks ago. I won these four stamp sets from them. I used the little birthday girl because this week's challenge at Totally Stampalicious is all about birthdays. How cool was that. And also used this week's Sketch challenge on SCS.

Used the forest branches cb folder for my WT challenge woodgrain. Chalked it up and even paper pieced 2 balloons and the little dress. The chipboard heart is from a sweet stamper named Celisa. She sent me such a sweet gift. That is one reason why I love this place, not primarily for the gifts, but the idea of someone thought enough of me to send me goodies she knew I would enjoy!

On this happy note, have a beautiful saturday!

mardi 27 juillet 2010


Here is two cards for the Mothermark Teapot party. Today we were asked to help Moe (because he is slow) to audition for his first auction. Here is Moe and his story. Now, we have another Destination Station this week and that is for Akron Children's hospital (burn center). The children greatly need encouragement and reasons to smile again. A card can do that, so that's why I'm doing it.

Also my card is made with Priscilla's sketch from the Midnight madness sketch challenge. I did the simplified version because it's easier to send cards that are not too "charged" with embellies.


Hello again, I have finally did my last card for the DARE TO GET DIRTY CHALLENGES!!! WHooo hhooo!!!I I used a sketch Taylor had for us, very cool. Tweeked it a bit and had fun though. Also made the rural challenge and even altered an envelope for the a challenge I was not sure was okay. So there you have ladies and gentlemen, all 33 challenges!!! Now I need to add my name to the LIST!!!

Used the CC this week, again Betty, you have charming colours, even got the dewdrops in there too as dessert option!!! And also added the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge, which is hosted by Emily Keaton and it's all about pins, So I used their butterfly moments stamps set.

And last but not least, in honour of our Queen for The day challenge, the butterfly is for Marilynn. Her many butterfly cards, gorgeous in all their unique style, inspired me to use this one today. So this one's for you MariLynn!!! Again, Anne Ryan, I need to say thank you for this challenge honouring the sweetest stampers, and I know there are alot more ladies to be named Queen yet.

Please enjoy your day, and smile at a stranger on your way to work, or anywhere else today, you'll appreciate the gift.


Here is my frist T-slider card. Hollyhad yes. another fun Technique Lover's Challenge along with the tutorial from SCS. Following the step by step was fairly easy for me. But I think anyone can do this...even stampers who think they can't. :)

Used my new Martha Stewart dps. I did have an issue with the peach looking candy pink on the pad cover, because the candy pink was THE reason I wanted this pad, it did say 12 X 12 in PLAYFUL PINK paper pad. The playful pink must mean peach huh. I asked the lady at Walmart's if I could check them all out to see if I could find one in candy pink...but there wasn't any. Of course, I wanted to go in the backstore and check the rest of them, but for some reason that was not possible. LOL Anyway, I left, satisfied with my pad because I would not return it now, I had grown to kind of like the peach instead, but I did tell the lady that when she speaks to Martha, to tell her about the candy pink covers!!! LOL

Oh almost forgot, There was one dirty challenge in this card and I have 2 more to go before the deadline on august 1st. WOW


Good day to all! I made this little "package topper" for a few challenges from the Dirt pile (SCS Dirty dozen challenges), and incorporated Sunday's Featured Stamper's; Toni (Ravengirl). Used this sweet card owl as inspiration because we had the same image from Unity Stamp.

I also used my number four label nestability die. I love the shape of it, fit just perfectly on this bag. Have a beautiful day everyone!

dimanche 25 juillet 2010


Hello, it's me again, did find this one a bit hard to handle today...Christmas!!! Well, it has been asked in a few challenges lateley and I do want to finish my "dirty challenges" so I played along. I did use my "gooooo" so it did help. I love getting all gooed up and makes me feel like I'm creating or sculpting...I know, it's all in my mind, but that's where it all starts right. LOL Also used this sweet little Stamping Bella image of little girl and snowman.

This is also for this week's Twisted sister's challenge and for Flourishes Christmas in july challenge a few week's back. I really wanted to play because I missed it and because of the goodies they have for july!


Hello everyone, I took the day off friday and saturday, but worked on this card last night and finished it up this morning to honour our Queen for the Day MariLynn. She has a love for butterflies, so I will surely making another one with one, just for her. I used her sweet little raggedy ann and andy card as inspiration for mine.

Also I used the colours of the inspiration website this week which is Novica. It's in the paintings, under highlights, photography and prints.Love those flowers and colours, very inspiring. Added a Dare to get dirty challenge in this one too. You can join here and become a fan club member.

Will be back with more today! Have a nice one, until then you all!

vendredi 23 juillet 2010


Hello everyone, I have been making alot of cards for the Dare to get dirty challenge this week and this one is for the F4A challenge, also, all on SCS, but if you want to play the Dirty challenges you have to be a Fan club member.

Really like this little guy, he's from C.C. Designs. Have fun looking and please stop by again, love to have you!


Here is a card I made for this week's SC on SCS. It was fun because I did add the inspiration challenge Flourishes is having too. Had fun playing with Rubbernecker's teatime stamp set. Don't know how I got those colours from the camera, but the card really looks like this in real life. Bonus today!

Thank you for stopping by, always fun to see you and hear from you too.


Here is a card I made for the CAS challenge. I used the picture of an old CLINIQUE postcard from my sister Soelah. I thought of her as her birthday was july 21st, and she would have been 54 years old. I think of her and when I do, a happy face as this one, is mostly what I see. Kind of a tribute to her. Love you my dear...wherever you are! Will be sending this to her daughter soon.

Thank you for stopping by, it's always fun to see you

jeudi 22 juillet 2010


Here is another IC card, using this fun blue t-shirt with white as inspiration, and added a few colours to this awesome image from Peggy-Sue, thank you my friend.

Also used some inspiration from Susan's (LateBlossom) beautiful card:


Here is my 3rd card from Sallie's gallery, i just had to use my washi paper when I saw the checked blue she had on this one. And used some of the colours of this hooded cape as inspiration too:

Thank you so much for looking and have a beautiful evening everybody. Sallie, I love your cards...said it before...sorry! LOL

NOTE: The silver looks weird but not IRL, don't know why, must be the lighting.



Hello everyone! It's a beautiful day again today. I am not talking about the weather but just to be alive and grateful for all things. Think about it...ain't life grand!

Okay, so this is another card for our dear sweet Queen of the Day Sallie, I used this gorgeous flip card she made. I can never get a card to look this crisp and do you do that!!

Also thought of using polka dots again, so when I saw those earrings from Georgie Love website, I was sold. Used up all my little 6 X 6 pinks this week, so I had to go for lavender which is not a colour I used alot, so I listened to the paper and used it. LOL

And this also qualifies for our Twisted sistah challenge for using fruits on our card, well coffee beans are fruits right...just kidding, will make another girls! Just thought I'd have fun this morning! LOL

Thanks for looking and do enjoy your day everybody and especially you Sallie, our Queen!!!

vendredi 16 juillet 2010


Here is a card for our Queen for the day Sallie (hobbydjour). You are so deserving of this honour. You are such a talented and sweet stamper too. I always love to see what you create in the gallery daily! Your cards are beautifuly taylored and your colouring always so fine. I used this card as inspiration for mine.

As Sallie, I do not have a bird spellbinder or any creature form. But I do have a few punches, and it just so happens that Susan (LateBlossom) used punches to make a very cute card for the teapot challenge this week and added a link to Ellen Kemper's blog who has some awesome talent for punch art. I used her little 60's chick as inspiration (Sallie has a litte birdie chick on her card too) and used the red and pink to inspire my little Punchart Teenie bopper I'd say.

This is one reason I just love to come here and be inspired! Sallie, thank you for sharing your beautiful cards week after week with us.

jeudi 15 juillet 2010


Here is a card I made for the WT today. Julia is all about chalking. Her card is beautiful. So I decided to try a technique Cathy (Mutnik) used on her card, and I was just amazed to find out that she did it by stamping an image with versamark and then chalking, call me out dated, but I didn not know of this one...who says you can't teach a dog new tricks! LOL

This is also for the Crafty Creations challenge from yesterday. Yes, I am a bit late... This week the ladies had a fun sketch. Try it out, it's very easy and fun. I am so grateful for all the inspiration I got for my card. Thank you ladies!

Thank you for looking and have a beautifuly day!

mercredi 14 juillet 2010


What a beautiful day we are having again. I just appreciate what I have around me to make me smile. My "Pierre", my kids, my friends and health. Thinking of Mark (see the post before this one) and all he will be going through for the next 2 years and I figure life is not so bad for me. So while I can, I will be making sure not to forget him and will be making a card monthly for him.

This card is going to Mark's parents, I thought of them also while preparing for the card drive, so I made it for them, to let them know they are not alone.

I used today's sketch challenge from SCS. Alot of amazing inspiration in the gallery.

I forgot to mention that my card is for the Totally Stampalicious challenge this week which is to use RED on your card.

Thank you for reading me. I really do appreciate it.

mardi 13 juillet 2010


Hello again, I am better today. Uploading last night was not easy, being a morning person...but for a good cause CARDS FOR MARK, made it worth it, I promise. Well, I wanted to make another card for him, because I know he will need some for at least the next 2 years, so I thought maybe one a month, that could be nice or more. When you add it all up with the other ones, he should get one for each day.

So I did use the CC from Betty and tweaked the colours, but that's okay, the challenge police said. "Well there Peggy or Marilynprestonn or THE Queen Nut Extraordinaire, if it's for a good cause, go right ahead." How sweet he is. I did bribe him with doughnuts! LOL

Betty is adding the CARDS FOR MARK cause in her dessert option. I have to be honest, I try to add it for all the challenges, but I forget...guess I could not forget this one huh! Did use our Priscilla's sketch found here at the Midnight madness blog. Cindy has 2 teapots for this week's Teapot challenge for us to be inspired by. I used the second one this time time, but used black instead of brown for my colours.

And if you have the time, here is my little story about Samantha:

Well here is BAM BAM...remember him from the Flinstones. He is the football player who get thrown out the most from a game. 42,000 times last season!!! I figure he can help Samantha get "the idea", if he can get his helmet on straight and learn the rules...humph, think he's still the man for the job...

My image is from clipart and I made him a bit slimmer on the shoulder pads to fit my card!!!:

Thank you Cindy and Betty for joining in the Card Drive! I know this well reach more people because of you!

lundi 12 juillet 2010


A few weeks ago, I was browsing through the SCS, when I fell upon this precious card from Cookie (StampGroover). She had made his card for her 11 year old newphew Mark who after being diagnosed with lymphoma was undergoing treatment that day. The card caught my eye by it's crisp and clean lines and the precious boy image, but Mark's story touched my heart and I felt I had to do something to help Mark get the more cards possible to help him through the not so good days ahead. My goal is to reach the world, and shower him with love. So if you feel you can spare a little time and love, just a make card and send it off, the address is in this thread. Thank you so kindly for spreading the love.

I am happy to say that Cindy and Betty have joined, Cookie and I, so we have 2 other venues for our card drive for mark.


You can play either challenge and do not have to send your card, but I can't hide the fact that I would be thrilled if you did.

Thank you all for reading me, and if you can't make a card have a thought for our little man Mark please.


Here is my card for the TLC and Featured Stamper for this week. Stephanie (sbs81) has a happy and so cute gallery. She uses alot of the same stamps I use, you know the cutsie ones, but she has just the best talent for matching papers!!! I love her sewing on cards too. Something I don't do at all. I fear it!!! I used her just ducky card as inspiration, and used my Kelly Pannacci coffee stain stamp for the TLC heat embossing and script folder for the dry embossing part.

The little mice are all coloured in grey as I thought it would match better with the black and red...not so sure, but I just love those mice anyway!

Have a very fruitful and nutty day!


Here is a card I made for my sweet friend Deena's challenge. It's called A shopping inspiration challenge and she has goodies too. I am glad I played beacause it inspired me to make a masculine card, which is not my specialty. I , of course added another challenge to it, as I did the CAS challenge on SCS, which was to use dry embossing. I used my argyle folder. Also used CARD PATTERNS number 70 sketch of a couple of weeks back. I really liked it.

vendredi 9 juillet 2010


Here is a card I made for the F4All challenge today! We were to use something new, so I used this unity image( stamped at Deenas') that reminded me of Michelle's (St9erfan) feminine card.

I made a, let's say a more modern version, though her vintage/romantic style is appealing.

Used a NEW dp from American arts, little ribbon from a good friend Peggy-Sue . Coloured in using bic markers. The little pearls are from Kaiser!

mercredi 7 juillet 2010


Hello everyone,

I am a bit early this morning...well, if I think of yesterday as a reference. I have a few more cards to do for my favourite this will be short. I used today's sketch challenge to make my card. Quite an interesting one. I like this buttercup daisies papers from multi-crafts. Also used one of my favourite Bella image called "huggybellas". This is a friendship card obviously but translated the sentiment means "Between friends". Also used a handmade button for the Crafty creations challenge this week is you guessed...handmade buttons. Mine was simple enough. Used a few circles, glued together, sponged lavender mill ink from Rangers "Tim Holtz" and special effects then topped it with a soft purple ribbon. Thank you all for looking and have a fruitful and happy day.

mardi 6 juillet 2010


We're having a heat wave...a tropical heat wave...have had this song in my head all day!!!Well it is 33C (90F)and with the humidex factor...a wopping 41C (106F). Now that's hot for this area. They say that last year the same period was 18C (64F). Oh but don't worry I have note become THE NUTTY WEATHERGIRL!!! I am just amazed to see that kind of weather persist. They say it will be like this until friday!!!

Now, on to serious things. It took me all day to make this card, and I know it is very simple yet, my creativity was so slow. It was not easy to remain focused. So please forgive my ramblings.

I did make this card for the usual Midnight madness Challenge, and what a cutie it was. Then used our sweet Betty's colours. What a challenge that was...oh and I forgot the grid option for dessert. And last and not least, my card is for the teapot party, and we again have a card with a destination. The main story is here and it is entertaining . Cindy is one fine storyteller!

In real life, we do have Sue a teapotter who has just had her second hip replacement surgery and needs some cheering up. So this card will go to her!

I used the little pure innocence image from Heather Ellis, you can find them on etsy. Aren't they cute! Oh, I did add little flowers from her hat that hides the little chick. Well, I thought Sue would love a little flower bouquet!

Well, that is it for today. I'm so hot, care to join me in the pool. TA TA!

samedi 3 juillet 2010


Good evening,

I have finally finished a fun little squirtie toy animal card set for newborns. These little toys are from Oompa website. I also used our Queen Dorothy's pretty card for the sketch. Also discovered in Dorothy's gallery, this cool sketch blog called CARDS PATTERNS. My card is also for the Mark's finest papers challenge this week that suggest we use die-cuts, which is little scallops.

I really enjoyed making these, though they took me all day, off and on, while doing chores in the house, driving my son to work, reading and swimming in the pool. (yes, that is work too, I need to get away with reading, and good exercising in swimming)

Enjoy your evening everyone!


Hello again,

I had another one in the making last night, but had to add the finishing gold to the image from American Art stamp Brenda (Benzi) had sent me in a RAK, I so love that image, but not more than she!. So I used our Queen's sketch, and modified it a bit. The pink, blue and gold from and image that our Brat (Terri) chose for the Twisted Sistah Challenge. Made my own dp in the background, and wanted to add more of the sprinkles from SU on my other panel, but decided it looked "cleaner" this way. Colored the long legged lady in and added gold pearls from Silke. Thank you again girlfriend. Little Ribbon, from Peggy-Sue. Now if this ain't a collaboration card!

Have a good day everybody, I am off to seek the IC challenge on SCS now.


Hello, hello, hello,

Oh I have been in major withdrawal, trying to find occasions to use my little Megan, she is one cutie from The Greeting Farm's huge collection of little bigheads images, I adore! I got the July sketch challenge from rubberstampchat and thought it would be so cool to use it. I love that you can use quite a big image with it. Then, Friday, I used the Queen for the Day challenge as we are honouring our own Dorothy "etsdas" on SCS. She is one kind and very funny lady.We have a ball with her at the teapot party! I used her card as inspiration from Little Skater Ian, of course from the Greeting Farm. Then, I used the gingham paper from Daisy d's designs (I hope they survive somewhere else, I love those papers) for the SimonSaysStamp challenge, it's all about "checking". And for our own F4A challenge for friday Jeanne S suggested we use gold and a star, check out her card here. I used those neat silver brads from SU and the gold ribbon. That pretty much wraps it up. I paper pieced her little tee and shorts, ain't she a little cutie...Megan reminds me of Terri(Brat Cards) with that little hand on her hip and still smiling...

Have a beautiful saturday everybody.