samedi 30 octobre 2010


Here is another card I made. This one is for the CC this week! Used a softer blue from my scraps. Thank you for hosting Joanne. The sketch is from Priscilla's Midnight madness' blog.

I missed these challenges too!

Thank you for stopping by, it's always fun to see what you have to say! hugsxo


Happy Saturday everyone, I've missed you ladies!

I have been a bit out of the "SCENE" lately. Not to worry, I am just taking some time for my other hobbies; writing and drawing. I do love to Yoga, walk and once and a while, a complete 45 minute work out too.

I did get to do a few cards this week, and took the time to honor our so sweet Queen for the Day; Hilda (Broom). I used a snowman card as inspiration for my theme, the colors from these cool earring from the Destiny's creations website. Once again, I thank Stephanie (smilynstef) for this awesome jewelry playground, check out her card, isn't that a fine look!

And lost but not least, because for me, the sketch is what really gets me going...(guess I love structure in my life) I used the Mojo monday sketch 162.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy this day!

vendredi 15 octobre 2010


Well, here I am with our Queen for the day card from technically still this week. (The new one will be named around 12 noon...) So, Lorie(MelodyGal) has this beautiful gallery filled with amazing work. Colorful, sweet and most of all happy and bright! I used this card from her gallery because of the sweet Greeting Farm image (dressy ebony digital) she used, it got me to ink up this adorable little LAURIE the skunk image I got from Scrappin' great deals. (B-day gift from Judi xo).

Tweaked her card, and added a few little die cut flowers from Linda (morningsun47). I must get back to more cards. It was fun to see you stop by, feel free to drop by anytime...I'm here all the time. LOL

jeudi 7 octobre 2010


Here is my card for the Twisted Sister Challenge. I am hosting this week and I suggested we use Plaid and flowers, with paper piecing. I came up with this .

Also used this month's sketch at Rubberstampchat. Love this sketch. Added a few pearls to make it the more feminine. Thank you for stopping by, it's always good to see you.


Here is another card for the HOPE YOU CAN CLING TO CHALLENGE. Sara Henton suggested we use something we had that was new and something old. Well, the image, the nestie, the yellow pearls and ribbon are new and the dps, letters ar old.

It is also for the Crafty Creations Challenge this week, and they had a sketch too. WOW, I looooooove sketches, so I was served this week. I think I made 4 different ones today only!
Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day.


So happy I found time to make Roxie's SC this week. She used Jaspere's cool sketch. Loved it and used this sweet PI winter girl as my main image. I also used Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding dp and some fun flock...guess I need some more practice on that one! Also used copic in red and chocolate and sage were Touch markers. Thank you for stopping by, I am stocking up slowly on my Christmas cards. That's always good!


Here is a card I made for Flourishes Timeless Tuesday. This week Cindy Haffner had a fun sketch to work with. I used their Forest of trees set. I hadn't used it in a while and I missed it.

Also did Betty's Color Challenge hosted by Wanda too. The dessert option was white, and I embossed my tree in a white.


Here is another card for the HYCCT Challenge going on on SCS for all the month of october. There will be challenges daily and you can make one and send it to the address listed in the Hope you can cling to thread found here. This challenge was given by Joan B, she wanted us to go "unsentimental", meaning we could not use a sentiment on our card. Cool challenge. I used the MFT Cancer awareness stamp set.

Here is another card for the HYCCT Challenge going on on SCS for all the month of october. There will be challenges daily and you can make one and send it to the address listed in the Hope you can cling to thread found here. This challenge was given by Lydia (Understandblue), a darling stamper and fine cardmaker too. We were to use PINK for any holiday of our choice. I decided to use my Inkdadinkadoo tree. Hope you like it.
Little Cheeky Chelsea from The Greeting Farm made an appearance for Beate'S challenge on all things lacey and feminine, "Lingerie inspired". Thought this little sweetie would get your attention. I love this image because she reminds me of Marilyn Monroe!
Here is another one for the HYCCT challenge. This time Lorie was suggesting we Bring in the brown, chocolate for matting our cards instead of grey, black or white CS. Cool look huh. Love that Bella too. The sentiment is from MFT. I hope to have more ready soon. Have a good day and thank you so much for spending some time here with me. :)

mardi 5 octobre 2010


Here is a card I made for the HOPE YOU CAN CLING TO CHALLENGES from SCS. I will be trying to make one everyday and send them out to ease some of the pain of living with this disease. It's a small contribution, but one I know will put smile, so little or big, offere from the heart, that is what matters. I also used Priscilla's midnight madness sketch. Really cool sketch once more.

Thank you so much for dropping by, you are really sweet. :)

dimanche 3 octobre 2010


Congratulations to Allison (alimarbles) she is our Featured Stamper today. What an excellent choice and fine CAS style she has. So here is the card that started my scooter set. Did keep with the SCOOTER theme, but changed somewhat of the colors and added a little "French" sidewalk to the Parisian scooter and made the Christmas one with traditional colors.

Hope you like them, I have enjoyed going through your amazing gallery Allison. Enjoy the honor, well deserved!


I need to clarify something first. I had recieved this blog award from Sally and was not aware of it. I was recovering from surgery then sept.10. So, today, I have learned from Sally that I had one, so this is technically my first blog award, but posted after my second one from Brenda...hope this all makes sens. I am still quite happy with both of them. Love will do that to you everytime!

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the person who gave me this award
  • Put the award on my blog
  • List 3 things I like about myself:
  1. I'm an open, friendly kind of gal, just like Sally!
  2. I've been writing my first novel forever...
  3. I would love to raise a dog just like "Daddy", Cesar's pittbull.
Pass the award to 5 other lovely people:

Carol- Chocolate, Crafts and bears, Oh My!
Michelle-Figments of my imagination
Linda-Lovely Linda's Craft Central
Crystal-Crystal's Crafty Creations
Patricia-Stamping with Kokirose

  • Post a picture I love:

This is a picture of Soelah I love. It was taken around 1971, she was 15. You know how most people have dogs as pets, we had ducks. Every Easter we would get a duck and call Bertrand, this was the first one by that name, and he was so well domesticated, that he would take walks with us to the corner store, and wait faithfully our return. He even crossed over when he saw the school bus lights flash at the end of the street, so he could greet us right off the bus. He was amazing. We all loved him, but I know Soelah was Bertrand's favorite person, she was so nice to him and he sensed it.

As some of you might know, I lost her to breast cancer 5 years ago it will be on december 2nd. She was 5 years older than I, but she was more like a mom to me, a best friend and a true soul mate. So when she left, it hit pretty hard. You go through the denial stages, then you get angry at the loved one for leaving you, then acceptance moves in and it is still scary because while it does, I was afraid I would forget her. How weird that was. October is Cancer awarness month, and I will be doing what I can, making cards, buying "pink" products in the hope that one day, cancer will be like the flu and we can have a vaccine for it. Until then, it is wise to keep healthy, and do what we need to be with our loved ones as long as they need us. Keep smiling, keep shining, life is worth living every second of it.

Hugs, Peggyxo

samedi 2 octobre 2010

The penguin walk

Today, I finished up this little card I had in my head last night when coming across this card from Holly, our Queen for the day and these little tweetie birds from the Studio Nommo website.


Here is a big bundle of hugs "stamperfriends" sent while I was recup'ing! I even got birthday cards too. Here is the thing, I thought I might make 2 posts with all the cards I recieved and add everyone's name and a quality that I especially love about the card so you will all know how much they did make me smile and some cry while reading them. Know that you made me feel THE LOVE and that is what cards do right!

Birthday card from Jean (Froglady)- so thoughtful that you used a french sentiment.xo

Birthday card from Celisa- Marilyn in blue and sparkles! Need I say more....xo

Birthday card from Darla- What a beautiful blue bird. I was so moved to see that you took time out of your mommy schedule for MOI. xo

Birthday and Queen card from Sue (irishgreensue)- Well, someone knows I want to fly to Paris someday! xo

Get well card from Deena (moonrise)- I ilove the blue pearls and the kind sentiment, but what did you mean about me being nutty...xo

Birthday card from Peggy-Sue-You will make history that what I'm reading. xo(Well-behaved women seldom make history)

Get well card from Charlene (Cookiebaker)- Simple and so sweet. xo

Get Well card from Sabrina (cook22)- I am glad you let go of it so I could enjoy the beauty of the embossed feathers. xo

Get well card from Lorraine (pidgesmom)-What a "tweet" little blue bird on and off the card. xo

Get well from Anne (jdmommy)- Blue...that sums it all for me sweetie.xo

Get well from Lorie(MelodieGal)- What a sweet surprise and blue again...xo

Get well from Mary(#1 volunteer)- Love that blue apron. xo

Christina(4815162342)-It's a good thing I didn't have stitches, I just about cried laughing. xo

Bonnie(Lovelightandpeace)- Amazing wreath and gorgeous framing.xo

Bernadette (BorisValentino)-I want that housecoat in medium size please. xo

Hilda (Broom)- This tree is so pretty. you're so kind. xo

Kathy(101ariborne)- Darling new friend, glad you thought of me. xo

Sue (bensarmom)- What beautiful roses sweetie. xo

Fran(philsmom)-Pink, my next favorite color you know. xo

Shelly (yo sam)- Owl always remember this one. Sweet pinks. xo

Cathy(Cat Gondek)- Love the postcard feel. xo

Carol(BobbiesGirl)- Love stamping on dps! Cool butterfly. xo

Elizabeth( I love rubber)- I'm singing but not on rooftops, scared of heights. lol xo

Trish(TrishG)- Pink again...oooh sweet. xo

Celisa- Had to show you the quote on this one! "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as !#O# don't deserve me at my best."
— Marilyn Monroe

Precious memories for me of a hard time made smoother. Thank you all ladies!

vendredi 1 octobre 2010


First, I want to congratulate our Queen for the Day HOLLY (Kopy Kat). It's time for you to shine and take a bow. We are honoring your generosity and presence in alot of our galleries. You take time to encourage, as put a smile on my face when I see you everyday. Thank you Holly, I love it when you stop by my gallery. You are so inspiring to a huge number of us.

Now, this is the inspiration I used for my card:Kept in the same sketch, used different dps, though I kept the polka dot and square theme.

This week the QFTD hostess asked us to improvise a real or not story. We all love Anne Ryan because when it comes to cheating...she is the Queen. LOL So here is my real or not story about the picture I used.

This is me and Lise, a little friend that was named after my mom by her neighbor and good friend. Lise and I were playmates, and as you can see here I was a bit bossy way back when...After this picture was taken, I flipped her over my shoulder and ran to my room after snitching her bottle. As I recall hers had something in it that made us laugh and talk loud, but gee, did we ever take long naps too. Hum, wonder what kind of "happy" drink that was...

Come to think of it, don't know what was more embarrassing for our moms. To take two 2 year olds to AA meetings or knowing they were responsible for it. LOL Awww, I do miss those days...LOL

Please note that there were no real babies nor now or in 1962 that was fed spiked milk...well, not in our family anyway! LOL


I have recieved my first blog award and it made me all fuzzy inside because it came from Brenda (Benzi). She is a darling stamper and we "visit" each other's blogs and galleries regularly. I need to extend the sweetness here and add these ladies for the "Lovely blog award too".

Thank you so much Brenda for thinking of me, I love this idea!

Deena - A Necessary Creativity
Judi- paper-rose-petals
Holly- KopyKat Creations
Dawn- My Stamping Thyme
Cookie-Cards by Cookie
Silke- My life
Bonnie- Pretties by Bonnie

So here are the ladies and blogs that I enjoy visiting from time to time. All these stampers are friends and are both talented, creative and oh....soooo sweeeet! Stop by and find out for yourselves if you didn't already! Have a good day everyone and remember to smile, it's quite the remedy to alot of aches and pains. :)


This is a pun but in french and English. Let me explain...Sage is the color of course, but it does mean "wise" in get it! Though this little guy, looks kind of out of it, he is sooo cute. This image from Deena,(moonrise) the dps from Linda (morningsun47). I keep telling myself not to use them,(for I will run out o f them, you know how we hoarders are) but I just can't help it, they are so beautiful! Thank you again Linda.

The challenge is from Crafty Creations Challenge, this week they are all about owls!
The sketch is from this amazing stamperfriend we all know, admire and love here Silke (sparklegirl)She had so many challenges in this one! Isn't it adorable. Love these PI images and the little red ribbon. Thank you for sharing, I simply could not resist caseing this one! hugsxo

Thank you all for looking and enjoy the day!