mercredi 9 juin 2010


Hello to all the world...not that all the world will be seeing this but maybe some people from around the world.

Here is my first posting on my new blog. I don't know how half of the things work here, can't even get a counter on it. I really wanted that. Seems I will have to wait until my sweet friend gets back and settled before I shower her with "How do you this and thats". My card was made for the flourishes -timeless tuesday (70) and the-splitocaststampers- sketch challenge

I may need to adjust this message and add links so please bare with me while I learn.

If you would like to leave a comment, feel free. It will surely make me smile

4 commentaires:

  1. Well I`ll be! I was the first member to join and leave a message! You go girl!! Now you will have so much fun!! I love your card today. Very pretty colors and I love the lace!! Great job gf!! I am proud of you!! Judi xxoo

  2. This is beautiful Peggy!! I am soooo happy you have(finally)started this lovely blog!!! I will be by here often!!

  3. Hey, maybe that should say, "Hello to the most important people in the world."!!! I think you will have a wonderful, irresistible blog - kinda like you!

    Smooches dear Sistah!

  4. It may be August already, but I've just found your blog and want to wish you much fun with it.


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