mardi 15 juin 2010


Here is the story of how BUS 42000 became a block buster hit movie and now Broadway play.
Now, seems the story started with a blog in Colorado Cindy had heard from Lorraine about a bus with the number 42000 while traveling in New-York. And since Cindy always gives 42000 to a number of things and her teapot followers followed her in it giving 42000 reasons, cupcakes, flamingos, their stories, they decided to make a teapot challenge of it and don't you know Mandigore Butler, the world reknowned director of hits such as "199 blue bikes". "3895 black jets" and the block buster hit for 35 weeks in a row "8746302393 pink cadillacs" heard of the Bus 42000 and made a movie out of it.

It's about what goes on in the backseat of BUS 42000. Now, I don't really know what goes on I am just citing what I have heard, but it promises to be funny because in the movie you get to find out from all of the teapotters their version of what really goes on. Lilian here, is going to attend the play and wants to share a ticket with someone. That's why she's been on the phone all morning calling friends to attend with her, seems no one is interested. Poor Lilian, she has'nt hung up the phone yet!

I have added to this card Priscilla's midnight madness sketch challenge and Betty's color challenge for this week.

Have yourself a beautiful and giggling day!

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  1. Well now this card is too stinkin cute and with such a fabulous story to go with convinced me it was all true!! LOL Are you sure that isn`t you and I gabbing on that phone gf?? I am sorry I missed your call takes all day when I get both hair and nails done. :-)
    I loved your sweet giggle on my answering machine...I won`t erase it now!! Hugs, Me xxoo
    Wonderful card!!!

  2. Fun card!! Votre blog en francias - so I tried to join -but I'm not sure if I have! I really like your wall paper here on zee blog!!! Hmmm I live in North Vancouver! Who knew!!


  3. Pick me, Pick me! I'll go with you!


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