mardi 27 juillet 2010


Here is my frist T-slider card. Hollyhad yes. another fun Technique Lover's Challenge along with the tutorial from SCS. Following the step by step was fairly easy for me. But I think anyone can do this...even stampers who think they can't. :)

Used my new Martha Stewart dps. I did have an issue with the peach looking candy pink on the pad cover, because the candy pink was THE reason I wanted this pad, it did say 12 X 12 in PLAYFUL PINK paper pad. The playful pink must mean peach huh. I asked the lady at Walmart's if I could check them all out to see if I could find one in candy pink...but there wasn't any. Of course, I wanted to go in the backstore and check the rest of them, but for some reason that was not possible. LOL Anyway, I left, satisfied with my pad because I would not return it now, I had grown to kind of like the peach instead, but I did tell the lady that when she speaks to Martha, to tell her about the candy pink covers!!! LOL

Oh almost forgot, There was one dirty challenge in this card and I have 2 more to go before the deadline on august 1st. WOW

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  1. Didn't you do an awesome job with this card. I was going to try it out myself, but just didn't find the time. Canada, eh!

  2. Fabulous job on this, oh so cute!!


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