samedi 2 octobre 2010


Here is a big bundle of hugs "stamperfriends" sent while I was recup'ing! I even got birthday cards too. Here is the thing, I thought I might make 2 posts with all the cards I recieved and add everyone's name and a quality that I especially love about the card so you will all know how much they did make me smile and some cry while reading them. Know that you made me feel THE LOVE and that is what cards do right!

Birthday card from Jean (Froglady)- so thoughtful that you used a french sentiment.xo

Birthday card from Celisa- Marilyn in blue and sparkles! Need I say more....xo

Birthday card from Darla- What a beautiful blue bird. I was so moved to see that you took time out of your mommy schedule for MOI. xo

Birthday and Queen card from Sue (irishgreensue)- Well, someone knows I want to fly to Paris someday! xo

Get well card from Deena (moonrise)- I ilove the blue pearls and the kind sentiment, but what did you mean about me being nutty...xo

Birthday card from Peggy-Sue-You will make history that what I'm reading. xo(Well-behaved women seldom make history)

Get well card from Charlene (Cookiebaker)- Simple and so sweet. xo

Get Well card from Sabrina (cook22)- I am glad you let go of it so I could enjoy the beauty of the embossed feathers. xo

Get well card from Lorraine (pidgesmom)-What a "tweet" little blue bird on and off the card. xo

Get well from Anne (jdmommy)- Blue...that sums it all for me sweetie.xo

Get well from Lorie(MelodieGal)- What a sweet surprise and blue again...xo

Get well from Mary(#1 volunteer)- Love that blue apron. xo

Christina(4815162342)-It's a good thing I didn't have stitches, I just about cried laughing. xo

Bonnie(Lovelightandpeace)- Amazing wreath and gorgeous framing.xo

Bernadette (BorisValentino)-I want that housecoat in medium size please. xo

Hilda (Broom)- This tree is so pretty. you're so kind. xo

Kathy(101ariborne)- Darling new friend, glad you thought of me. xo

Sue (bensarmom)- What beautiful roses sweetie. xo

Fran(philsmom)-Pink, my next favorite color you know. xo

Shelly (yo sam)- Owl always remember this one. Sweet pinks. xo

Cathy(Cat Gondek)- Love the postcard feel. xo

Carol(BobbiesGirl)- Love stamping on dps! Cool butterfly. xo

Elizabeth( I love rubber)- I'm singing but not on rooftops, scared of heights. lol xo

Trish(TrishG)- Pink again...oooh sweet. xo

Celisa- Had to show you the quote on this one! "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as !#O# don't deserve me at my best."
— Marilyn Monroe

Precious memories for me of a hard time made smoother. Thank you all ladies!

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