samedi 30 octobre 2010


Happy Saturday everyone, I've missed you ladies!

I have been a bit out of the "SCENE" lately. Not to worry, I am just taking some time for my other hobbies; writing and drawing. I do love to Yoga, walk and once and a while, a complete 45 minute work out too.

I did get to do a few cards this week, and took the time to honor our so sweet Queen for the Day; Hilda (Broom). I used a snowman card as inspiration for my theme, the colors from these cool earring from the Destiny's creations website. Once again, I thank Stephanie (smilynstef) for this awesome jewelry playground, check out her card, isn't that a fine look!

And lost but not least, because for me, the sketch is what really gets me going...(guess I love structure in my life) I used the Mojo monday sketch 162.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy this day!

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