vendredi 1 octobre 2010


First, I want to congratulate our Queen for the Day HOLLY (Kopy Kat). It's time for you to shine and take a bow. We are honoring your generosity and presence in alot of our galleries. You take time to encourage, as put a smile on my face when I see you everyday. Thank you Holly, I love it when you stop by my gallery. You are so inspiring to a huge number of us.

Now, this is the inspiration I used for my card:Kept in the same sketch, used different dps, though I kept the polka dot and square theme.

This week the QFTD hostess asked us to improvise a real or not story. We all love Anne Ryan because when it comes to cheating...she is the Queen. LOL So here is my real or not story about the picture I used.

This is me and Lise, a little friend that was named after my mom by her neighbor and good friend. Lise and I were playmates, and as you can see here I was a bit bossy way back when...After this picture was taken, I flipped her over my shoulder and ran to my room after snitching her bottle. As I recall hers had something in it that made us laugh and talk loud, but gee, did we ever take long naps too. Hum, wonder what kind of "happy" drink that was...

Come to think of it, don't know what was more embarrassing for our moms. To take two 2 year olds to AA meetings or knowing they were responsible for it. LOL Awww, I do miss those days...LOL

Please note that there were no real babies nor now or in 1962 that was fed spiked milk...well, not in our family anyway! LOL

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  1. Oh how adorable Peggy!! LOVE your page and thrilled to see you doing pages now! Lol at your story!!! So glad you are blogging my friend!

  2. Too stinkin' cute!!!! Love it!!!

  3. So adorable!! I love the sparkle on this!! :) Happy weekend!

  4. You are so sweet, thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations and inspiration with all of us a splitcoast. Love this card and the pic is so adorable.


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