dimanche 3 avril 2011


Well, I at last found time to put this most interesting blog award. I have had a few blog awards posted by sweet and kind soul friends in blogland. I thank you all and really do appreciate the thought. I have to ask Renée to forgive my "tardiness" for posting this one. THE VERSATILE BLOGGER!!!  And mostly to say THANK YOU RENÉE, you are really sweet to me. I love your visits and enjoy visiting your little  corner of the woods too per say. :) I feel somewhat even prouder of getting this one for it is true, I am versatile when it comes to alot of things in life and when I look at the collection of my cards too. Oh, I know I am not alone here,for I have found 4 other bloggers who are just such.Here they are:


These ladies all have a style of their own. I love visiting and you will surely discover treasures as I have also.

Have a good day and thank you again Renée for thinking of me.

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  1. Hi Peggy!
    Thanks so much for the award!! Versatile would definitely describe what I do. Thanks for thinking of me and for sharing. I've enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog and seeing all your wonderful creations. Very nice work! Have a fabulous day!


  2. Peggy, thank you so much! this is really an award I appreciate!

  3. Oh, sweet Peggy! Thanks so much for thinking of me.

  4. Peggy, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I have been out of town for a week and to come back home to your sweet comment was just awesome!! I'm not sure how to place this award on my page, but I'm sure I'll figure it out! Thank you again!! You are too sweet!! :o)


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