samedi 30 avril 2011


Thought it could not be... yes again another birthday for my baby boy. Oh I know he is turning into a man with every breath he takes. (long sad sigh:( But yet, I am so proud of him. And especially because he is going out in life and "stepping up to the plate". He did college for 1 year and a half but felt as if he was just pushing the day he would quit. So after alot of soul searching and thinking of the way he could tell us he did not want to pursue his studies, he did. And though, we did worry about him "making it" in life without at least a college degree, Pierre and I trusted him. The result is a much more responsable, more organized, more happier and most of all, more striving and more loving young man.And one never knows, he still may go back to school, meanwhile he'll keep doing what makes his heart sing. And that is all that really matters right.

I miss my little boy, oh I can't lie about that.But then I suppose that is why we become grammies when the nest is empty.


This is a card purse I am offering my hairdresser to raffle off for Mother's day.  Jodi's tutorial on Splicoasstampers.

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  1. Neat cards Peggy. Hard to watch our kids grow up isn't it. It is for me. Just had a month long visit from my oldest, Marine boy. Loved every minute...hated to send him home.

  2. You know how to get a girl crying, huh? Love this Peggy!! Give David a hug for me and I hope his birthday is as special as your beautiful family is!! Love, Judi PS Great cards too!!


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