jeudi 19 janvier 2012


Good evening, I have a fun little cas card to share with you all tonight. As I spent the day with Deena (moonrise) today. We had a ball as usual and we shared coffee (3 for me!!! aye, yaye, yaye, but gee, they were superb) and how good it feels to be crafting with a dear friend. We tried to get together before and I guess life got in the way but seeing her gentle smile and hospitable ways made me feel like I was there yesterday. That is how Deena makes me feel. So good to see you my dear friend.xo

The deets are in Deena's description you can see it here, along with her beautiful version of it: Deena's card

Deena gave me this cool glitter pen and once at home I thought to add some glitter to my card. I love it.

Thank you for stopping by, :)Peggy

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  1. A cute card, Peg's. Love the colors and how you did the ribbon. How fun for you and Deena to get to spend time together.


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