samedi 15 janvier 2011


This is the cherry bowl card, which I wasn't the only one to case, take a look a this cutsie one from Irishgreensue is soo cute too. I used Webters pages and the giant scallop too. I just love our Queen'S gallery! The image of the cherry bowl can be purchased through a donation to Jak Heath's fundraiser for Katie, by clicking on the badge on the upper right of my homepage.
Sadly, I needed a sympathy card for a neighbor who just passed away. His wife was pleased with the Lasagna I had send over by Pierre. Her husband's name was Pierre also, I don't really know them, but we did bring bagck their grand-daugther's wandering kitty cat last summer, and said hello on my daily walks. I used one of Judi's card and added this little border with his name later on, thought it made it more personal to his wife. You can see the original on SCS! Pierre told me he never would have thought of doing that, but I remembered how generous our neighbors were when I lost mydad 30 years ago. The "loved" and "warm" feeling of knowing our neighbors cared still stays with me, so I just say it's pay it forward. Paying is not always with money, time, love and tenderness is PRICELESS.

Lastly, I would like to say, yes, I did choose this Queen because of my love for her, but then, what are friends for if not to make you happy surprises, cheer you on in times of need, to laugh about silly things like John-John counting videos. So here is to you sweet Judi, I enjoyed every minute of caseing your cards, don't think I will stop soon. LOL Hugs to all!
Here is another card cased for our Queen for the challeng. This is from our Queen's gallery. She had a truckload filled with flowers, and the country nature look I just love. Also you can see the beginnings of awesome talent just by looking at the way she colored in the truck, wow! This is also for the Twisted sistah's challenge this week, which called for purple, yellow and a punch, guess I'm good with that one, if a tad late...if you want to play, just make a card with all these requirements and add tsc0114 in your keywords, we love it when you do!

Another challenge is of course the F4A challenge and textures, and last but gee, not the least, is the Crafty Creations Challenge, which called for NEW BEGINNINGS this week, anything from a baby, marriage, job, so I turned to a car, a Volks that is, to Congratulate my David! He got himself his first car, and all on his own. The only criteria I had for it, was it had to be blue, so the color here is for the purpose of the challenge, because it is BLUE!!! LOL

Pierre and I are so proud of him, he's been doing so well, the only thing is, he's growing up way too fast for mamma. The first time he left, I had him call me when he got to his destination, but he made it very clear that this was not going to be "habitual". Gee, and here I thought a mom was a mom 24/7, we are going to have to discuss how this works seriously. LOL

Well, this is about all for now, I had to talk about it, the guys here, think I'm nuts to worry. (sigh....)The image of the car I got on the web.
Thank you for looking and if you read me, as usual I love you more! he he he

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  1. OH WOW Peggy girl these are FABULOUS creations!! I really LOVE your masculine designs...I sooo need some help with that thanks for the GREAT inspiration!!!! Your first card is BEAUTIFUL, LOVE your coloring!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet gal!!!

  2. Beautiful cards sweet Peggy.. Your cards are all awesome.. I still make my daughters call me when they arrive somewhere and they are 900 miles away and in their twenties... A momma is a momma twenty four seven forever...I get to see Judi on Thursday...for coffee..

  3. Peggy, these are all fabulous creations my friend!! LOVE the bowl of cherries and your layout with that!! I love masculine style creations as I'm always needing them!! Thanks for the inspiration!!HUGS


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