vendredi 4 février 2011


Congratulations Susan! I am so thrilled you were named Queen for the Day this week. Anne sure knows how to pick them. I did pretty good except for Queen Pam, but that is another story.LOL

I think inspiration comes form the darndest places. I browsed through your gallery and saw bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, even a Westfalia, and my dear MAXIE. But I never saw a bathroom. I think maybe you forgot this area for obvious reasons. Ah but one can use this place to unwind, replenish ones tired body from the "wrecks" of the days. So I used this image on "The Graphics Fairy"'s blog and thought this would be the kind of card you would make if you did bathrooms, Susan. I have tried to be inspired as you would. (Sorry if I didn't get

I then got caught in a little writing, you can read below. So I guess you were with me last night Susan because I know you put your thoughts into writing too. Hope you enjoy your reign, I know this won't go to your head like someone I know. LOL

By the way, this is my first challenge from the Graphics Fairy"s blog (her badge is on the side of my blog). She calls this one Brag Monday. Quite interesting! Thank you Karen for making these available and safe for our use and yes, they are free!

Thank you for looking and enjoy the day ladies, and you, especially sweet Queen Susan! Don't you like the sound of that now! xo

It’s Friday night.
Stepping slowly into the tub filled
with hot water bubbles overflowing, fully knowing
I added just a handful of bubbles to many
as I see the grin on my face in the mirror.
Sweet child’s play… I’ll wipe the tiles later.
I let my hair down, carefree to the worries of the day.
Frizzies, dampnest and tangles are not an issue.
Though I hear the “house moving”,
Dear husband helping kids do homework.
Phone ringing for the oldest who is now dating.
Then a soft knock on the door.
A little voice asking if I am going
To be taking longer.
A sigh of relief when the voices leaves and settles for the second bathroom.
Two bathrooms a luxury…I think not!
How I enjoy to drift away, savouring the water’s tranquil waves,
Dreaming while awake.
This time is precious. I need it.
I appreciate the gift of it by my spouse and family.
For it is a time where nothing else matters.
But the moment...

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  1. Oh, Peg what a beautiful essay! You captured the essence of what truly matters. And such pure joy! I love that you brought the bathroom to my gallery...truth be told, I had never even thought of one!!!

    Thank you so very much and I'm clicking on the follower's gonna be a daily stop for me...

    hugs and gratitude sweet peg

  2. This is fantastic Peggy what a GREAT job with this CASE hun!!

  3. I loved your writing. Good thing it was in English. I hope I get to see an excerpt from your book!

    La Brat


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