mercredi 2 février 2011


Here I am outside, braving high winds and snow to recuperate the crown for our next Queen. Don't worry Anne, I will get there in time, I have my SUPER GIRDLE and my boots have SUPER SONIC power (whaterver that is), and I can fly too.
A view of the park in my little neck of the woods.
It's nice out today, even with the winds and snowfall. It's good to be alive!
I wish there was a birdie or something in there, but no, it's just one of our majestic pine trees. Man is it ever tall. Hope you had fun visiting my "block". Have a nice day. I will be checking if I can build a snowman, if so...guess which picture I will be posting next! :)Peggy

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  1. Oh your photos are so pretty hun!! and I just LOVE your attitude about it as well!! ;) Everything is closed up where I is all home and neighbors are shoveling their way out...have fun with your snowman!! LOL!!

  2. Peggy, I didn't know you had a blog - it's very lovely! Your pics are great too. I just posted some pics from the blizzard last night here in Illinois on my blog. It is so pretty - but there is so much to move. My DH is outside right now with the snowblower. Love your blog!! P.S. Have fun if you build a snowman!

  3. You are amazing Peggatha/ aka my cabbage!! Braving the storms to get the crown to Izzy!! Ohhh it looks pretty but froid there!!!You are looking great!!! I have not doubt, my brave Canadian ami, that you will deliver the crown to the Queen... Bravo!

    Deborah aka debzi333

  4. Queen Nut! Thank goodness the weather has improved here in Alberta! There should be no snags in collecting the crown at this end to pass along to the next recipient. Also, no whining or wailing as some previous Queens have been known to do...

  5. Peggy, so glad to see you're on the job getting that crown. I just didn't realize how much trouble the hostess of the QFTD challenge had to go through. LOL And, you can fly????? Gosh, such powers. We're just all glad it is out of Pamzi's hands. Although, I think it got to Heather short of a few jewels..if you know what I mean. LOL
    Seriously, the pictures are great and I'm so glad you passed them along. We've had snow this year, 8-10 inches at my house (according to where you measured.) This is quite a lot for this southern state. And, the most we've had in a long time.
    If you want to see some birds in the snow, take a long here on my blog.

    Haven't you changed your blog? I like it!


  6. Well, I see that link didn't work for my snow and birds. It is on the 2nd page of my blog, I believe.
    Have a good week.

  7. Wow Peggy - how dedicated you are and with photos to prove it! Love these photos - I cannot imagine that much snow when we are sitting insode with the cooler on - even at 11pm at night!! Great to see you girls - and your GIRDLE is doing wonders - you look FABULOUS dar-r-r-rling! {{{hugs}}}

  8. I knew it was YOU Peggy delivering that crown in all the snow!! You've been caught red handed. But, look at that SNOW girl. You deserve an award for traveling in this weather for QFTD45. Woo Hoo!! Stay warm!


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