samedi 14 août 2010


Here I am with another card for our sweet Queen Cindy! Had to do a teapot now! I used this funny giraffe without the clouds (I haven't tried her easy clouds template yet...) so decided to make a baby card. Also was inspired by this so cute Jellycat giraffe.

Now how adorable can you get...well, as much as this giraffe looks sweet, I saw a BLUE elephant and guess what colour is my little wooden elephant huh... stay tuned for my next card later on this afternoon. Life calls, I need to do my mommy and sister duties!

I just love the IC website Stephanie thanks again for hosting and making wow throughout my morning and well, Cindy made me wow and chuckle a whole lot, her gallery is entertainement at it's peak!!!

Thank you for looking and enjoy this beautiful Saturday, it's the only one we've got!!!

2 commentaires:

  1. As soon as I saw the giraffe on the website I thought of you and your image and see! You used it!! Sweet as it can be dear one!! I have tried to nap as this sleep thing is crazy ...with no luck! I am emailing you!! MISSING YOU!!!! LIKE CRAZY!! Me

  2. Oh Peggy!! That giraffe is just so darling! I just love it!!!Wonderful card!!!Oh! like Judi - I am having sleep problems!! Went to bed at 1 am - woke up at 4 am!! sigh!!! I hope I can get back to sleep!!!

    hugs!!!!Deborah en Vancouver


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